My new longboard

After a long, long time of waiting I finally got my custom shaped longboard.  It’s a 9’4” nose rider shaped by Doug Haut. He is a local Santa Cruz shaper that is in business for many years now. Go check out his website at . On his MySpace page I read something that inspired me:

“He’s an unsung hero in my life,” says Richard Novak, Haut’s onetime business partner and longtime friend. “A friend of ours died of leukemia in 1979. I asked him before he died, whose life he admired most? And he said Doug’s. Because Doug would get up in the morning and check the surf. And if the surf wasn’t happening, he’d check the fishing. And if that wasn’t happening, he’d check the sailing. And if that wasn’t happening, he’d go to work. 

So far I have been enjoying my board a lot. Now I have to work on my style 🙂

Check out some pictures of the board and me surfing it…