It’s hard, you know

Ok, finally I uploaded some new pictures into my gallery. Currently my problem is not that I don’t have any good pictures, it’s actually that I have too many of them (ok, not all are good ones). So recently spent a lot of time going through the ones I shot to figure out which ones I think are worth keeping and which ones will be deleted to safe diskspace and not to have to do the same just later on. My mom is probably now saying… “You see those digital cameras don’t actually make you save time… you need a lot more of it.” Well, that’s true since you also shoot a lot more pictures than in the analog days. On a good weekend I’ll take about 500-1000 pictures and have the peace of mind that I still can delete the ones that look similar or are just not good. With a file size of 16 MB per picture I really want to do that since otherwise with hard disk will be full pretty soon. But it’s hard to delete some of the pictures since I think… “ahh this one is good… but this is the same shot as before… but I really like it…” so I usually have an ongoing discussion in my head wheter to delete or not.

Anyway, enough bla, bla… I hope you will enjoy the pictures.

P.S. I ordered a new wide angle lens and I’m thinking about buying also a good zoom lens so you can be sure to see some more nice pictures here 🙂