After a long absence I’ve finally some time again to write some blog posts and upload some pictures I shot recently (I’m still working on the selection of the pics, done and uploaded). I have been busy with our release of Delphi & C++Builder 2009 recently so that’s the biggest reason for my laziness for my website.

Anyway, for this post I got inspired by some of the funny comments on slashdot regarding the “Going live of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider)” found here:

The comment that made me laugh the most was this one 🙂
“I need to hurry up and finish work on my black-hole shelter…”

I find it funny because I really can imagine some people actually seriously trying to build one… that brings me to the point about the whole discussion about the little black holes that will destroy the world. In one Swiss newspaper they were asking people what they would do before the end of the world. Of course the people asked gave various things that they like to do, the usual answers. I personally find it wired that some people are worried about the LHC experiment for following reasons:

1. If a black hole would destroy the earth it would probably be the quickest way you can ever imagine to die. Probably so quick that you won’t even realize it.
2. And, has anybody told those people that they have to die sometimes anyway?

I think we are currently on schedule to destroy our world very slowly and probably more painfully for us anyway (that’s the pessimist in me 😉 ). Do those people also care about that? I don’t think so. Just because the LHC will be the largest machine ever used some and the destruction will be done in a matter of a fraction of a second people are scarred shitless. If it takes a looong time, how cares? *ironic on* We will be all death anyway when humans can’t live on earth anymore, so why should WE care. *ironic off*

The whole thing amuses me. And let me just say that as a geek and engineer I find it a very interesting experiment and am excited that I was born in a time to be old enough to understand it at least a little bit :).

Happy Big Bang everyone!

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  1. Su wrote:

    People love doomsday scenarios. There’s a reason why Hollywood does the same thing 🙂

    For some reason, people like to be scared shitless.

    One side-effect I find useful from an event like this is that it shows how prone to alarmism and leaps of thought we humans naturally are. Most of the time we act like people going through mental illness are so far out of reality, when really, it’s very easy for regular “healthy” people to be freaked out too. It takes very little.

    Imagination + fear + lack of trust.

    Certain branches of science are very good at stimulating our imagination. And anytime you have an elite that is not always transparent about what they’re doing, you’ll have distrust.

    Btw, can you or a scientist at CERN really promise me that the dying would take place instantly? 🙂 Who knows, even if it was extremely quick there could be some other quality about it that would make it exquisitely painful or traumatic, or maybe an instant is actually forever in disguise. We don’t even know that there isn’t something after death.

    Stepping away from fantastical what-ifs, sometimes the problem with death is not to do with the idea of death itself, but to do with not being ready for it. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be annoyed at someone who’s going to force you to stop living in two days time when you quite enjoy having a life and had plans for next week.

    Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 04:20 #