I would like to congratulate my car for having surpassed 200’000 miles and still going strong. It is crazy to see all those number turn at once. It’s a bit magical but it’s over pretty fast. Good thing it happened on our trip to Lake Tahoe right around Emerald Bay, so I had enough time to take some pictures.

200'000 miles

Here some statistics for those who are interested:

Miles driven: 200’000  (321’868.8 km)
Distance to the moon done: 83.73%  (38’856.95 miles to go)
Gasoline used: 7’407.4 gallons (28’040 liter; with an avg. of 27 mi/gal)

Of course I’ll do another post once I have reached to moon (distance), I still own the car and it still works. Until then I’ll need to do about 5 oil changes ;).