Monthly Archives: December 2009

Solar Oven Nr. 1

It was a long overdue dream of mine to build a solar oven that will work on solar power alone. Finally having some time and a lot of sun I decided to build one according to a plan found on the internet (The Heaven’s Flame Cooker). Since it is the first solar oven I built […]

More pictures

I just finished uploading all the latest pictures into my gallery. Now all pictures from my trip in the Western States plus a few few from Australia should be there. Once I get back from my camping trip here in New Zealand (I’m still waiting for my work visa in Australia) I’ll also upload a […]

Plenty of pictures

I uploaded a whole lot of pictures in the last few days. And guess what, that’s not even all of them. So once you have gone through the new ones you can look forward for more. Those should also include some pictures from Australia.