Monthly Archives: March 2008

Nights with Alice Cooper

I was never a big fan of any type of radio show, but recently when I got home from work I was listening “Nights with Alice Cooper” and became kind of a later fan of him. I always like his music but I had a way different imagination of who he would be. Just hearing […]

An American Experience

Last week I was part of an American experience. I was in court. A real court with judge and everything. I was there to help a friend translate since he would not have been able to understand all of the English they spoke there. So I actually got to sit on one of those tables […]

Dr Toni vo Santa Cruz

Vor ca. 2 Wuche si dr Bäschtu (e Schwiizer Praktikant bi CodeGear) und ig gemütlich in e re Bar in Santa Cruz Downtown eis am trinke gsi, wo üs plötzlich e Hippi gfrogt het öb mir de vor Schwiiz sigi. Klar hei mir gseit, wieso är das usegfunde het? Naja het är (dr Toni) gmeint, […]