Monthly Archives: January 2008

My new place

Finally uploaded some pictures of my new place here in Santa Cruz. For me this place seems more like a surfcamp than a real home. But hey, that is part of why I’m here… To good thing is that I can easily walk to go surfing at one of the better places here in Santa […]

Dreams & Marriage

Here is a link to a theory “A possible reason why we are dreaming“. Quite interesting. At least makes sense to me. This morning when I woke up (always to radio), I heard an advertisement about an easy, painless way for “Divorce for less”. For only $450.-! Who wants to pay more anyway ;). I […]

New pics & Swiss German becomes English :)

Hi, As promised I uploaded some new pictures to my gallery. They are from our trip down from Tahoe to Lone Pine with a stop at Mono Lake. And some very interesting ones from Death Valley. If you were not sure that there are aliens on our planet then here is the proof :). So […]