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Everything is a Remix

Everything is a Remix is a very well made and interesting series about taking the old and make something new, a.k.a remixing. The series concentrates  on music and Hollywood, but I think it applies to all areas of our lifes. Just think of fashion, graphic design, software to name a few. Basically anything that can […]

Zrügg ir Schwiiz

Für aui die wos no nid wüsse… am 20. Dezämber betritti wieder mou schwiizer Bode. De wirdi bis ca. afangs oder mitti Jänner ir Schwiiz si bevor i de wieder zrügg uf Santa Cruz gange. Faus mou eis wotsch go trink oder süsch öppis mache so schriib mir doch es Mail, de chöi mir öppis […]

Perception (or Where you stand)

I just saw that comic online today for at and I really liked it. Not just for the fact that it’s funny, but because in a deeper sense it really shows that where one stands is how one perceives the world and the environment around themselves. Everybody has his own landscape and they don’t […]

My new longboard

After a long, long time of waiting I finally got my custom shaped longboard.  It’s a 9’4” nose rider shaped by Doug Haut. He is a local Santa Cruz shaper that is in business for many years now. Go check out his website at . On his MySpace page I read something that inspired […]


Wie dir jo sicher aui wüsst, fiirt me hie i de Staate Halloween chlei me aus ir Schwiiz. Isch fasch wie Fastnacht, mit zwe grosse Unterschiede… esch isch nid so chaut und mi darf ke Bier uf dr Stross trinke. Yep, wenn me mit em ne Open Container verwütscht wird gits e saftigi Buess vo […]


After a long absence I’ve finally some time again to write some blog posts and upload some pictures I shot recently (I’m still working on the selection of the pics, done and uploaded). I have been busy with our release of Delphi & C++Builder 2009 recently so that’s the biggest reason for my laziness for […]

Zrügg ir Schwiiz

So wieder mou e Itrag i mim Blog, jedoch nume e churze… Für die wos no nid wüsse… vom 16. Juni bis 7. Juli  bini zrügg ir Schwiiz. Natürlich bini für nes Bierli immer ds ha, eifach es Mail schriibe. I fröiie mi wiedermou aui ds gseh, e richtigi Bratwurscht ds ässe und wieder mou […]

Dr Toni vo Santa Cruz

Vor ca. 2 Wuche si dr Bäschtu (e Schwiizer Praktikant bi CodeGear) und ig gemütlich in e re Bar in Santa Cruz Downtown eis am trinke gsi, wo üs plötzlich e Hippi gfrogt het öb mir de vor Schwiiz sigi. Klar hei mir gseit, wieso är das usegfunde het? Naja het är (dr Toni) gmeint, […]