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SMB Delivery Trip #2

It was another great delivery trip on Secret Mens Business 3.5. This time we brought it from Geelong back to Adelaide. My lucky shot of this trip can be seen in my gallery…

Secret Mens Business Delivery Trip

It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while now… a delivery trip of a sail boat that takes a couple days. Mentioning it to one of the sailing instructors at the Adelaide Sailing Club I soon knew that if possible I would like to do a delivery of a yacht from the […]

Pictures from CH

I finally got some time to go through my many pictures and select a few to be uploaded to the gallery. The first set is composed of pictures taken over the whole stay fro my Christmas break in Switzerland. The second set is specifically from the snow shoe hike Lüku, Christa and I did over […]

Zrügg ir Schwiiz

Für aui die wos no nid wüsse… am 20. Dezämber betritti wieder mou schwiizer Bode. De wirdi bis ca. afangs oder mitti Jänner ir Schwiiz si bevor i de wieder zrügg uf Santa Cruz gange. Faus mou eis wotsch go trink oder süsch öppis mache so schriib mir doch es Mail, de chöi mir öppis […]


I would like to congratulate my car for having surpassed 200’000 miles and still going strong. It is crazy to see all those number turn at once. It’s a bit magical but it’s over pretty fast. Good thing it happened on our trip to Lake Tahoe right around Emerald Bay, so I had enough time […]

Christmas in Tahoe

Hello everyone! I’ve just uploaded a few new pictures through our super slow motel internet connection. It felt almost like back in time when you had to use those modems ;). Well maybe they expect people not to surf around the internet so much, but go skiing. As you see in the pictures we of […]