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Peperoni Timelapse

Colorful perfection

I love this vegetable, already the name(s) change wherever you go… Peperoni (CH), Paprika (DE), Bell Pepper (USA), Sweet Pepper (GB) or Capsicum (AUS) just to name a few. This one grew in my “garden” on the balcony. The color and shape couldn’t be more perfect 🙂

Although has been online for a while now, it was a little secret I kept from most people :). It’s a place where I uploaded some of my better pictures (I think). So if you are curious and got a minute, feel free to visit it.

Everything is a Remix

Everything is a Remix is a very well made and interesting series about taking the old and make something new, a.k.a remixing. The series concentrates  on music and Hollywood, but I think it applies to all areas of our lifes. Just think of fashion, graphic design, software to name a few. Basically anything that can […]

Amazing things of the world

The first 20 seconds or so are a bit strange, but afterwards there is only one word to say… wow Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

Photos from New Zealand trip now online

With a delay of about 2 months I finally uploaded all pictures from our trip to New Zealand. It was a very good trip to places I haven’t seen before. Mainly to Northland (where mosquitoes roam) and South Island (West Coast) where the Sandflies are at home. Apart from those two little, blood sucking creatures, […]

Solar Oven Nr. 1

It was a long overdue dream of mine to build a solar oven that will work on solar power alone. Finally having some time and a lot of sun I decided to build one according to a plan found on the internet (The Heaven’s Flame Cooker). Since it is the first solar oven I built […]

Pictures from CH

I finally got some time to go through my many pictures and select a few to be uploaded to the gallery. The first set is composed of pictures taken over the whole stay fro my Christmas break in Switzerland. The second set is specifically from the snow shoe hike Lüku, Christa and I did over […]

The Crystal Cave

My roommate Jon just recently subscribed to the National Geographic Magazine. the first issue he got contained something that just made my jaw drop. Something I first didn’t believe that it’s true. It looked more like it has been done in Photoshop. It was the Crystal Cave in Mexico. Here a picture of this amazing […]

My new camera

Yes, I’m still alive… no shark ate me. Sorry for the long waiting time with no posts, there are a lot of things going on right now, so be patient. Anyway, I wanted to share that I bought a new Canon EOS 40D to be able to learn more about photography and hopefully take a […]

Buschfüür in SC County

Sit geschter brönnts ir nöchi vo Santa Cruz. Aber ke Angscht ds Füür isch gnue wiit wäg so dass es sicher nid zu üs chunt. Und süsch nimi de haut ds Surfboard und gnage uf ds Wasser 😉 . Für aui die wos interessiert hie es paar Links:

I like California :)

The weather report tells it all… P.S. Sorry für au die ir Schwiiz, ha mir das eifach nid chönne verkneife 🙂

First earth quake

Just had a nice shaker today. It was nothing bad, just a couple of seconds that made me think if my legs are getting weak. But after seeing the signs shaking in the super market I knew this would be my first earth quake that I felt since I moved here. It was a 5.6 […]