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Although has been online for a while now, it was a little secret I kept from most people :). It’s a place where I uploaded some of my better pictures (I think). So if you are curious and got a minute, feel free to visit it.

Photos from New Zealand trip now online

With a delay of about 2 months I finally uploaded all pictures from our trip to New Zealand. It was a very good trip to places I haven’t seen before. Mainly to Northland (where mosquitoes roam) and South Island (West Coast) where the Sandflies are at home. Apart from those two little, blood sucking creatures, […]

New photos

I like airports with free wifi :). After a busy time before Christmas I finally found some time to upload the pictures from my short trip to New Zealand in November. You can check them out here: New Zealand in November Have fun and a good time over the holidays!

It’s hard, you know

Ok, finally I uploaded some new pictures into my gallery. Currently my problem is not that I don’t have any good pictures, it’s actually that I have too many of them (ok, not all are good ones). So recently spent a lot of time going through the ones I shot to figure out which ones […]

A lot more pictures

Just uploaded about 200 new pictures…

New pics & Swiss German becomes English :)

Hi, As promised I uploaded some new pictures to my gallery. They are from our trip down from Tahoe to Lone Pine with a stop at Mono Lake. And some very interesting ones from Death Valley. If you were not sure that there are aliens on our planet then here is the proof :). So […]

Mexico, Mexico

Last week I have posted a few pictures of the trip Pat, Bastian (swiss intern at CodeGear) and I did. We traded the 4 days Thanksgiving weekend from a Turkey-Feast to a road trip down to Mexico with a lot of cerveza and tacos. Unfortunately the surf wasn’t that good. But was nice to see […]

Updated gallery

Finally I did upload some overdue pictures to my gallery. Go check them out… now there are way over 3000 pictures in the gallery! Finally I also finished the video from the last Santa Cruz trip in 2006. We got really lucky back then to catch some epic waves and nice weather. If you ever […]