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Everything is a Remix

Everything is a Remix is a very well made and interesting series about taking the old and make something new, a.k.a remixing. The series concentrates  on music and Hollywood, but I think it applies to all areas of our lifes. Just think of fashion, graphic design, software to name a few. Basically anything that can […]

SMB Delivery Trip #2

It was another great delivery trip on Secret Mens Business 3.5. This time we brought it from Geelong back to Adelaide. My lucky shot of this trip can be seen in my gallery…

My hydroponic project

I have always been curious about growing plants/food with nothing more than water and some nutrition. After reading an article about it in a science magazine I decided that it’s time to build my own hydroponics system to see if it actually works :). With a little greenhouse out in the backyard (that no one […]

More pictures…

Just finished uploading more pictures… the newly added ones are a selection of pictures I took over the last couple months. It was never really enough for a whole gallery so I put them together all in one. My favorite is definitely the Koala one. It was on a little hike I did on a […]

Finally, some new pictures

After a bit of waiting I finally uploaded some pictures I took during my visit in Switzerland in June…


Bi jetzt chlei spöter i dr Schwiiz… Die nöii Date si: 12. – 27. Juni

I dr Schwiiz

I bi wieder mou i dr Schwiiz :). Um genau ds si vom 6. Р20. Juni. I bi uf jede Fau dr bi mou eis (oder zw̦i) go ds trinke. Cheers und bis glii, Chris

Solar Oven Nr. 1

It was a long overdue dream of mine to build a solar oven that will work on solar power alone. Finally having some time and a lot of sun I decided to build one according to a plan found on the internet (The Heaven’s Flame Cooker). Since it is the first solar oven I built […]

More pictures

I just finished uploading all the latest pictures into my gallery. Now all pictures from my trip in the Western States plus a few few from Australia should be there. Once I get back from my camping trip here in New Zealand (I’m still waiting for my work visa in Australia) I’ll also upload a […]

Plenty of pictures

I uploaded a whole lot of pictures in the last few days. And guess what, that’s not even all of them. So once you have gone through the new ones you can look forward for more. Those should also include some pictures from Australia.

Finally some activity again

Hi guys, After a long time of hibernation my website finally wakes up with some activity. Since the last post plenty of things happened. To give you a short overview…. After enjoying the summer in Santa Cruz I stopped working at CodeGear/Embarcadero at the end of August. The reason for this was that I planned […]


I would like to congratulate my car for having surpassed 200’000 miles and still going strong. It is crazy to see all those number turn at once. It’s a bit magical but it’s over pretty fast. Good thing it happened on our trip to Lake Tahoe right around Emerald Bay, so I had enough time […]

Zrügg ir Schwiiz

So wieder mou e Itrag i mim Blog, jedoch nume e churze… Für die wos no nid wüsse… vom 16. Juni bis 7. Juli  bini zrügg ir Schwiiz. Natürlich bini für nes Bierli immer ds ha, eifach es Mail schriibe. I fröiie mi wiedermou aui ds gseh, e richtigi Bratwurscht ds ässe und wieder mou […]

An American Experience

Last week I was part of an American experience. I was in court. A real court with judge and everything. I was there to help a friend translate since he would not have been able to understand all of the English they spoke there. So I actually got to sit on one of those tables […]

My new place

Finally uploaded some pictures of my new place here in Santa Cruz. For me this place seems more like a surfcamp than a real home. But hey, that is part of why I’m here… To good thing is that I can easily walk to go surfing at one of the better places here in Santa […]

Dreams & Marriage

Here is a link to a theory “A possible reason why we are dreaming“. Quite interesting. At least makes sense to me. This morning when I woke up (always to radio), I heard an advertisement about an easy, painless way for “Divorce for less”. For only $450.-! Who wants to pay more anyway ;). I […]

Halloween und dr Weihnachtsboum

Ha wieder mou es paar Föteli i mini Gallery glade. Wie dir sicher wüsset wird hie Halloween chlei me gfiiret aus ir Schwiiz, drum hani ou es entsprächends Kostüm brucht (sicher wirdis de mou ar Fastnacht recycle). Grundsätzlich isch es wie d’Fastnacht eifach mit em Unterschied das me dusse ke Alkohol cha drinke (oder mi […]

Back in SC

Angekommen in Santa Cruz (English see below) Nach langem hin und her bin ich nun endlich hier in Santa Cruz angekommen, in einem Stück und mit allen Surfboards :). Natürlich hats nicht lange gedauert, bis ich die ersten Wellen surfte. Und so wie es aussieht wird es diese Woche noch etwas grösser… Ah, dann ist […]

No 1.5 Täg Schwiiz…

I de letschte Täg isch die Zyt ou cheibe schnäu verbi gange… no ungefär 1.5 Täg bis i übere Teich richtig Santa Cruz flüüge. Ha no grad d’Föteli vo dr Bye Bye Party ufeglade… Sobaud i de däne bi wirdi de hoffentlich ab und zue e Itrag mache. Verspräche chani aber nüt, ha hüt grad […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my updated webpage. It’s been a while since I did anything on this site, but since I’ll be moving to Santa Cruz in 2 weeks I felt like I should do some work. Click here to access the old news…