Cool Underwater Photographie

Recently discovered Mark Mawson’s website that has some really nice underwater photography.

Peperoni Timelapse

Colorful perfection

Peperoni rot/grün

I love this vegetable, already the name(s) change wherever you go…
Peperoni (CH), Paprika (DE), Bell Pepper (USA), Sweet Pepper (GB) or Capsicum (AUS) just to name a few.

This one grew in my “garden” on the balcony.
The color and shape couldn’t be more perfect 🙂

Street Art

Some really cool Street Art:

Lego Street Art on

Photo from kreegoo.comAlthough has been online for a while now, it was a little secret I kept from most people :). It’s a place where I uploaded some of my better pictures (I think). So if you are curious and got a minute, feel free to visit it.

Everything is a Remix

Everything is a Remix is a very well made and interesting series about taking the old and make something new, a.k.a remixing. The series concentrates  on music and Hollywood, but I think it applies to all areas of our lifes. Just think of fashion, graphic design, software to name a few. Basically anything that can be attributed with innovation / creativity.

If you think of it, remixing is exactly what nature does too: the result is evolution. So what we call innovation is actually evolution. Ok, there are some exceptions to that, for example random discoveries like Teflon. But generally innovation evolves. This leads me to think that probably the best way to innovate is to look into the past and present to see what others have done, copy it, and add your own ideas into the mix – et volià, you might have created something new and useful.

Additional information to the series can be found on Kirby Ferguson’s project website:

Ok, let’s Copy, Transform and Combine. Have fun!

Everything is a Remix Part 3 from Kirby Ferguson.

startraum – Immobilien Online

startraum - Immobilien Online

startraum gmbh haben Claudio und ich gegründet, um Verkäufer von Immobilien, wie zum Beispiel Einfamilienhäuser, Mehrfamilienhäuser, Eigentumswohnungen, etc. eine bessere Möglichkeit zu bieten ihre Objekte online mit einer eigenen Webseite darzustellen. Die Webseiten werden möglichst alle Informationen zu einer Immobilie enthalten. Damit können sich die potenziellen Käufer online gut informieren, bevor sie dann das Objekt in Realität besichtigen gehen. Unter anderem ist auch eine Virtuelle Tour geplant. So kann der Besucher sich ähnlich wie bei Google Streetview durch das Haus bewegen und alle Räume anschauen.

Zur Zeit haben wir folgende zwei Beispiel-Webseiten für startraum realisiert:


Amazing things of the world

The first 20 seconds or so are a bit strange, but afterwards there is only one word to say… wow

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

SMB Delivery Trip #2

It was another great delivery trip on Secret Mens Business 3.5. This time we brought it from Geelong back to Adelaide.

My lucky shot of this trip can be seen in my gallery…

Secret Mens Business Delivery Trip

It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while now… a delivery trip of a sail boat that takes a couple days. Mentioning it to one of the sailing instructors at the Adelaide Sailing Club I soon knew that if possible I would like to do a delivery of a yacht from the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race that is held every year on the 26th of December. It is one of the top three offshore race  in the world and is known for the unpredictable weather and sea conditions.  After a couple months of waiting I was lucky and happy to get a spot as crew on the Secret Mens Business 3.5 yacht to bring it from Hobart to Melbourne.

Fast forward to the 30th of December 2010 I knew I was very lucky… Secret Mens Business 3.5 was the Overall Winner of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2010! It doesn’t get any better than that! Bringing the winner back.

I couldn’t wait any longer when I finally flew to Hobart on the 31st to meet the delivery crew as well as some of the racing crew. After having a look around, it was soon time for the first drink. Celebrating New Years Eve there was certainly something that I’ll remember for a long time :).

Next day was the official prize giving ceremony at the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania. One thing that surprised me was that there were a lot of prizes to be given away… of course fastest yacht, overall winner and all the division winners, but there were also first woman skipper over the line, boat that traveled the furthest to the race (from Italy), best navigator, etc. to be won.

After the ceremony it was time to spring into action and start doing what delivery crews do… getting the boat ready… shopping for food… having a drink…

The rest of the story is best explained through the pictures I uploaded into my gallery. To summarize, I liked it a lot and already signed up for another trip at the end of January to bring SMB back to Adelaide.

My hydroponic project

I have always been curious about growing plants/food with nothing more than water and some nutrition. After reading an article about it in a science magazine I decided that it’s time to build my own hydroponics system to see if it actually works :). With a little greenhouse out in the backyard (that no one uses) it’s even more compelling.

Once some initial research on the internet was done I decided that I’ll go with a Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) design that uses PVC pipes. This seemed like a good way to start since it’s straightforward and doesn’t involve any complicated parts (well so I thought, but more later). After a bit more research I bought the materials (recycled PVC pipes, wood, a pump, etc) and the tools to build the system. First off were the pipes… cutting them into size and making the inlets for the plants later on was actually quite easy once the proper markings had been made. That was my first time to work with PVC and I was surprised how well it handles with the jigsaw and the other tools. Once the pipes were ready I started working on the stands that would allow to hang the pipes. I figured that by hanging the pipes I would have better control later on the slope and setup of the system.

Once the PVC pipes were in place in the greenhouse I could start working on the piping to and from the PVC pipes. For that I bought some smaller irrigation and gray water pipes. Since the PVC pipes had different heights I built in a little reservoir on top that allows to distribute the pumped water evenly over the two pipes. The thing to say here is that this only works because I got a pump that is quite strong and can push the water 2 meters up.
After finishing all the work I finally could test if the whole water cycle worked. Turning it on for the first time showed that there were still a couple of leaks that needed some attention but other than that it was ok.

In parallel to building the system I grew a couple of seedlings in rockwool so they would be ready once I got everything up and running. Actually putting them into the small plastic baskets and then into the PVC pipe felt like the system was finally complete. The last thing to do was setting the timer and let it run and wait (and change the water every week). That was a couple weeks/months ago and today I finally can enjoy  the fruits (or vegetables) of my work.

Looking back, kind of like a review, the issues I discovered with my system are the following:

  • The round PVC pipes don’t allow for the regular plant baskets since they are flat at the bottom and thus all the water just flows underneath them without touching them. That is a problem as long as the plants don’t have any long roots that could touch the water. By heating (or melting) the baskets I deformed them so they have the shape of the PVC pipe at the bottom and thus are in the water stream. I don’t like this approach since, it takes a lot of time to deform them, it makes the baskets usable only in the round PVC pipes and it’s not as stable once the plants grow bigger.
  • The openings in the PVC pipes are too large… that allows light through to the roots which is not all that good. So far I was lucky and there hasn’t been that much of a problem with that, but I’m sure it would be better if the roots were in a darker environment.
  • The piping that goes from / to the water reservoir… this is just a PITA to set up and seems to be a point where weaknesses can occur. My issues were that the drainage pipe couldn’t handle the amount of water at first. Using a bigger pipe solved the problem but I still think it’s not ideal. I already got a NFT design in mind that would not have any or almost none feeding and drainage pipes…
  • The water storage container is too large in area, e.g. 10 liters barely cover the bottom where a taller and narrower container would have a higher water level with the same amount of water, thus the pump would always be submerged.
  • Having Perlite loosely in the PVC pipe (without the baskets) doesn’t work that well since it’s moving slowly downwards every time the water gets fed through. Watching it is quite funny since it’s almost like a little avalanche that is coming down.
  • Once the plants get bigger the baskets tend to tip over since they don’t have any weight and no hold with the big opening in the PVC pipe.

Huff… seems like a lot of issues there :). Well I guess it was a really good learning experience. Anyway, the salad and vegetables are tasty.. that’s what counts in the end.

More pictures…

Just finished uploading more pictures… the newly added ones are a selection of pictures I took over the last couple months. It was never really enough for a whole gallery so I put them together all in one.
My favorite is definitely the Koala one. It was on a little hike I did on a late Sunday afternoon (getting towards sunset) and there he was… I almost fell over the Koala while he was sitting on the track and eating eucalyptus leaves…. I got really lucky (I think).

Finally, some new pictures

After a bit of waiting I finally uploaded some pictures I took during my visit in Switzerland in June…


Bi jetzt chlei spöter i dr Schwiiz… Die nöii Date si:

12. – 27. Juni

I dr Schwiiz

I bi wieder mou i dr Schwiiz :). Um genau ds si vom 6. Р20. Juni. I bi uf jede Fau dr bi mou eis (oder zw̦i) go ds trinke.

Cheers und bis glii,

Photos from New Zealand trip now online

With a delay of about 2 months I finally uploaded all pictures from our trip to New Zealand. It was a very good trip to places I haven’t seen before. Mainly to Northland (where mosquitoes roam) and South Island (West Coast) where the Sandflies are at home. Apart from those two little, blood sucking creatures, actually massive armies of those, New Zealand is definitely a great place for outdoor action.

This way to the gallery…

Solar Oven Nr. 1

It was a long overdue dream of mine to build a solar oven that will work on solar power alone. Finally having some time and a lot of sun I decided to build one according to a plan found on the internet (The Heaven’s Flame Cooker). Since it is the first solar oven I built I decided to follow the plan as closely as possible so I’ll have something that should work and I’m not disappointed. And I have to say I wasn’t… using just cardboard boxes, glue, some black paint, a piece of glass and some aluminium foil the oven is a success (at least in my eyes :)). On the first day I used it the outside temperature was around 25 deg Celsius, but inside the inner box the thermometer went up to 120-150 deg Celsius, enough to bake a bread in about 3-3.5 hours. So far I only used it twice to bake bread, but I’m looking forward to test it on a really hot day (40 deg Celsius) and also cook some other things in it. I also got a couple ideas how to improve the design (hopefully) and make it work even better. If I happen to find a good improvement I’ll of course post it here so everyone else can try it too.

Here some pictures while building the oven…

More pictures

I just finished uploading all the latest pictures into my gallery. Now all pictures from my trip in the Western States plus a few few from Australia should be there.

Once I get back from my camping trip here in New Zealand (I’m still waiting for my work visa in Australia) I’ll also upload a few selected ones to where they can be watched in higher resolution. But most likely you will have to wait until end of January 2010. This is because I prefer to select the pictures on a larger screen to see if the details are good enough. Sorry for the long wait!

Plenty of pictures

I uploaded a whole lot of pictures in the last few days. And guess what, that’s not even all of them. So once you have gone through the new ones you can look forward for more. Those should also include some pictures from Australia.

Finally some activity again

Hi guys,

After a long time of hibernation my website finally wakes up with some activity.
Since the last post plenty of things happened. To give you a short overview….
After enjoying the summer in Santa Cruz I stopped working at CodeGear/Embarcadero at the end of August. The reason for this was that I planned to move in with Sue who is living in Adelaide, Australia. But before the big move I wanted to travel the Western States of the US. So with my friend Lüku already in Maui for some awesome kite boarding I started out in the most western state of the US (Hawaii). Enjoying the warm water, the tropical climate and white sanded beaches Maui was the perfect entry point of my further travels. To let the curious ones of you no longer wait I just uploaded some pictures to the gallery.
After the relaxing 2 weeks Lüku and I went back to SC where he took the plane back to Switzerland a few days later. Myself was busy preparing for my next trip on the main land which would lead me through California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Arizona. So I couple days later I started my 6600 mile road trip, heading towards Salt Lake City where my friend Ändu was scheduled to arrive. After picking him up we went to the Jackson Hole area where we spent two weeks visiting Yellowstone and the surrounding area. Those days were filled with hiking, mountain biking, canoing, driving, sightseeing, camping and a lot more. Like always when you are having a great time time flies by quickly. So it was already time to drop Ändu off at the airport again and continuing my journey by myself. This led me to Bryce Canyon, Zion, slot canyons off the road, Arches NP, Canyonlands, Moab, Glen Canyon area (including “The Wave“), Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls, Joshua Tree NP, LA and many other places. The best probably is to check my gallery once in a while where I’ll upload more pictures from my trip. But it will take some time go through the roughly 12’000 pictures I shot during this time and selecting the best ones.

For now I have started my adventures here in Adelaide, Australia where I currently sweat in the hot (39 Celsius) weather.


Pictures from CH

I finally got some time to go through my many pictures and select a few to be uploaded to the gallery. The first set is composed of pictures taken over the whole stay fro my Christmas break in Switzerland. The second set is specifically from the snow shoe hike Lüku, Christa and I did over New Year’s.


New photos

I like airports with free wifi :). After a busy time before Christmas I finally found some time to upload the pictures from my short trip to New Zealand in November.

You can check them out here:
New Zealand in November

Have fun and a good time over the holidays!

The Crystal Cave

My roommate Jon just recently subscribed to the National Geographic Magazine. the first issue he got contained something that just made my jaw drop. Something I first didn’t believe that it’s true. It looked more like it has been done in Photoshop. It was the Crystal Cave in Mexico.

Here a picture of this amazing cave. After looking at it for a while I was thinking… there is probably stuff down there that even puts that into the shadow, stuff that we can’t even imagine yet.

Giant crystals

Here some links to other sites with photos:

Crazy, he?

Zrügg ir Schwiiz

Für aui die wos no nid wüsse… am 20. Dezämber betritti wieder mou schwiizer Bode. De wirdi bis ca. afangs oder mitti Jänner ir Schwiiz si bevor i de wieder zrügg uf Santa Cruz gange. Faus mou eis wotsch go trink oder süsch öppis mache so schriib mir doch es Mail, de chöi mir öppis abmache.

Bis glii!

Perception (or Where you stand)

I just saw that comic online today for at and I really liked it. Not just for the fact that it’s funny, but because in a deeper sense it really shows that where one stands is how one perceives the world and the environment around themselves. Everybody has his own landscape and they don’t always match. That’s why we have variety and conflicts.

My new longboard

After a long, long time of waiting I finally got my custom shaped longboard.  It’s a 9’4” nose rider shaped by Doug Haut. He is a local Santa Cruz shaper that is in business for many years now. Go check out his website at . On his MySpace page I read something that inspired me:

“He’s an unsung hero in my life,” says Richard Novak, Haut’s onetime business partner and longtime friend. “A friend of ours died of leukemia in 1979. I asked him before he died, whose life he admired most? And he said Doug’s. Because Doug would get up in the morning and check the surf. And if the surf wasn’t happening, he’d check the fishing. And if that wasn’t happening, he’d check the sailing. And if that wasn’t happening, he’d go to work. 

So far I have been enjoying my board a lot. Now I have to work on my style 🙂

Check out some pictures of the board and me surfing it…


Wie dir jo sicher aui wüsst, fiirt me hie i de Staate Halloween chlei me aus ir Schwiiz. Isch fasch wie Fastnacht, mit zwe grosse Unterschiede… esch isch nid so chaut und mi darf ke Bier uf dr Stross trinke. Yep, wenn me mit em ne Open Container verwütscht wird gits e saftigi Buess vo $500.-! Na ja, wenn me richtige Ort isch cha me gliich no chlei Party ha :).

Do no es paar wenigi Föteli vo mim Koschtüm 🙂

          It’s hard, you know

          Ok, finally I uploaded some new pictures into my gallery. Currently my problem is not that I don’t have any good pictures, it’s actually that I have too many of them (ok, not all are good ones). So recently spent a lot of time going through the ones I shot to figure out which ones I think are worth keeping and which ones will be deleted to safe diskspace and not to have to do the same just later on. My mom is probably now saying… “You see those digital cameras don’t actually make you save time… you need a lot more of it.” Well, that’s true since you also shoot a lot more pictures than in the analog days. On a good weekend I’ll take about 500-1000 pictures and have the peace of mind that I still can delete the ones that look similar or are just not good. With a file size of 16 MB per picture I really want to do that since otherwise with hard disk will be full pretty soon. But it’s hard to delete some of the pictures since I think… “ahh this one is good… but this is the same shot as before… but I really like it…” so I usually have an ongoing discussion in my head wheter to delete or not.

          Anyway, enough bla, bla… I hope you will enjoy the pictures.

          P.S. I ordered a new wide angle lens and I’m thinking about buying also a good zoom lens so you can be sure to see some more nice pictures here 🙂


          After a long absence I’ve finally some time again to write some blog posts and upload some pictures I shot recently (I’m still working on the selection of the pics, done and uploaded). I have been busy with our release of Delphi & C++Builder 2009 recently so that’s the biggest reason for my laziness for my website.

          Anyway, for this post I got inspired by some of the funny comments on slashdot regarding the “Going live of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider)” found here:

          The comment that made me laugh the most was this one 🙂
          “I need to hurry up and finish work on my black-hole shelter…”

          I find it funny because I really can imagine some people actually seriously trying to build one… that brings me to the point about the whole discussion about the little black holes that will destroy the world. In one Swiss newspaper they were asking people what they would do before the end of the world. Of course the people asked gave various things that they like to do, the usual answers. I personally find it wired that some people are worried about the LHC experiment for following reasons:

          1. If a black hole would destroy the earth it would probably be the quickest way you can ever imagine to die. Probably so quick that you won’t even realize it.
          2. And, has anybody told those people that they have to die sometimes anyway?

          I think we are currently on schedule to destroy our world very slowly and probably more painfully for us anyway (that’s the pessimist in me 😉 ). Do those people also care about that? I don’t think so. Just because the LHC will be the largest machine ever used some and the destruction will be done in a matter of a fraction of a second people are scarred shitless. If it takes a looong time, how cares? *ironic on* We will be all death anyway when humans can’t live on earth anymore, so why should WE care. *ironic off*

          The whole thing amuses me. And let me just say that as a geek and engineer I find it a very interesting experiment and am excited that I was born in a time to be old enough to understand it at least a little bit :).

          Happy Big Bang everyone!

          My new camera

          Yes, I’m still alive… no shark ate me. Sorry for the long waiting time with no posts, there are a lot of things going on right now, so be patient.

          Anyway, I wanted to share that I bought a new Canon EOS 40D to be able to learn more about photography and hopefully take a few very cool shots. At least now I don’t have any excuse that it’s the camera ;-).
          So stay tuned and check out the gallery once in a while. I added some test shots for you… Most of them are about surfing. Some taken of me by my sister while she was visiting and some others. But my favorites are the ones from the cat.

          Canon EOS 40D


          I would like to congratulate my car for having surpassed 200’000 miles and still going strong. It is crazy to see all those number turn at once. It’s a bit magical but it’s over pretty fast. Good thing it happened on our trip to Lake Tahoe right around Emerald Bay, so I had enough time to take some pictures.

          200'000 miles

          Here some statistics for those who are interested:

          Miles driven: 200’000  (321’868.8 km)
          Distance to the moon done: 83.73%  (38’856.95 miles to go)
          Gasoline used: 7’407.4 gallons (28’040 liter; with an avg. of 27 mi/gal)

          Of course I’ll do another post once I have reached to moon (distance), I still own the car and it still works. Until then I’ll need to do about 5 oil changes ;).

          A lot more pictures

          Just uploaded about 200 new pictures…

          Spring 2008 Saturday in SF Bay to Breakers 2008 Yosemite in Spring Yosemite to Tahoe

          Buschfüür in SC County

          Sit geschter brönnts ir nöchi vo Santa Cruz. Aber ke Angscht ds Füür isch gnue wiit wäg so dass es sicher nid zu üs chunt. Und süsch nimi de haut ds Surfboard und gnage uf ds Wasser 😉 .

          Für aui die wos interessiert hie es paar Links:

          Zrügg ir Schwiiz

          So wieder mou e Itrag i mim Blog, jedoch nume e churze…

          Für die wos no nid wüsse… vom 16. Juni bis 7. Juli  bini zrügg ir Schwiiz. Natürlich bini für nes Bierli immer ds ha, eifach es Mail schriibe. I fröiie mi wiedermou aui ds gseh, e richtigi Bratwurscht ds ässe und wieder mou is Solheure es Bierli go trinke.

          I probiere de natürlich chlei schöns Wätter vo hie mitdsnäh.

          Bis glii!

          I like California :)

          The weather report tells it all…

          Weahter report Santa Cruz (11. April 2008)

          P.S. Sorry für au die ir Schwiiz, ha mir das eifach nid chönne verkneife 🙂

          Nights with Alice Cooper

          I was never a big fan of any type of radio show, but recently when I got home from work I was listening “Nights with Alice Cooper” and became kind of a later fan of him. I always like his music but I had a way different imagination of who he would be. Just hearing him on the radio is actually a lot of fun.

          So if you like his music or even if you find it ok, it’s worth to check the show’s website at

          For everybody in Europe I think this would be a good way to start your day. I mean where else do you hear directly from him that he watched cartoons after his 60’s Birthday Party? 🙂

          Rock on…

          An American Experience

          Last week I was part of an American experience. I was in court. A real court with judge and everything. I was there to help a friend translate since he would not have been able to understand all of the English they spoke there. So I actually got to sit on one of those tables in front of the judge and being asked questions. Like in TV.

          Since we were last we watched all the other cases of which some were somewhat interesting. At least it gave some insight how to prepare for a defense (or as plaintiff).

          My friend was there because he sued a couple which had taken his $4000.- from a rental agreement and after he was not able to move in (because of them) they did not return it. So now he is working on it to get it back through court. Let’s hope he will succeed!

          Dr Toni vo Santa Cruz

          Vor ca. 2 Wuche si dr Bäschtu (e Schwiizer Praktikant bi CodeGear) und ig gemütlich in e re Bar in Santa Cruz Downtown eis am trinke gsi, wo üs plötzlich e Hippi gfrogt het öb mir de vor Schwiiz sigi. Klar hei mir gseit, wieso är das usegfunde het? Naja het är (dr Toni) gmeint, är het 1969 mou es zytli ir Schwiiz gwohnt. Ds Konolfingen. Ok, är kennt d’Schwiiz, hei mir üs dänkt. Schleisslich isch das jo nid würklich es Turi-Dorf. Nach chlei nöcherem Froge, hei mir de usegfunde, dass är dazumou aus Stroosemusikant unterwägs isch gsi und so sis tägliche Brot verdient het. Chlei wiiter im Gspräch het är de no verzöut, dass är d’Patent Ochsner u dr Polo Hofer kennt. Klar, auso jetzt isch absolut ke Zwifu me gsi das är würklich dört isch gsi. Dr Toni het de verzöut, dass är mit jewile em Drummer vo Patent Ochsner (Andi Hug) und däm vom Polo Hofer es Album het ufgnoh (sowit mir verstande hei). Und jetzt chunts beschte… är het scho uf em Gurte gschpüut. Aber das isch vorem ne Zytli gsi, dazumau hets nume so um die 50 Lüt gha, auso es grössers Familiebrätle. Är het gemeint dases würklich e gueti Zyt isch gsi denn. Cha me guet vorstöue, schliesslich isch es jo zur Blüetezyt gsi vo de Hippis.

          Die ganzi Sache het üs scho ziehmlich erstuhnt und het wieder mou zeigt wie chlii die Wäut isch. So am ne unschuldige Abe erwartet me nid grad so öppis. Anyway, faus mou öpper bi Patent Ochsner oder bim Polo verbiluegt, de bitte e Gruess vom Toni vo Santa Cruz usrichte!


          P.S. Solothurn isch nach ihm übrigens die beschti Stadt für Stroosemusikante. Ömu dazumal ;-).

          Nachtrag: Bitte dr Comment vom Andi Hug läse, sehr wahrschiinlich hani scho es Bierli z’vüu gha ;).

          My new place

          Finally uploaded some pictures of my new place here in Santa Cruz. For me this place seems more like a surfcamp than a real home. But hey, that is part of why I’m here… To good thing is that I can easily walk to go surfing at one of the better places here in Santa Cruz. If you check out this webcam you might see me surfing ;-).

          Dreams & Marriage

          Here is a link to a theory “A possible reason why we are dreaming“. Quite interesting. At least makes sense to me.

          This morning when I woke up (always to radio), I heard an advertisement about an easy, painless way for “Divorce for less”. For only $450.-! Who wants to pay more anyway ;). I think it’s crazy. Do a Google Search if you don’t believe it, there are actually even cheaper offers…

          P.S. It’s not a New Year’s resolution that I will write more to my blog, I just felt like posting today 🙂